“Do you wanna see something REALLY SCARY?”

Everybody is downloading and playing a new game on their smart phones. Sales of this new game have broken every record in the books. But there is one problem; the game has a catch, those that play become enslaved by an evil entity that exists beyond the realm of our own reality.

Story Synopsis:

David Bishop is just a regular, unpopular kid that you might find at any High School in America, but he’s discovered something extremely frightening. The new game all the kids are going crazy over is not at all that it seems to be. What others may view as a character flaw, David’s insistence on NEVER following the crowd, is the one thing that will save his life.

As kids and adults download and play the FRIGHT GAME, something enters their bodies and takes control. It is something evil that comes from the darkest of realms. As it spreads, it becomes more powerful and the very game it used to enter this world becomes its means to conquer.

By some divine providence, David finds an obscure app online that allows him to see the evil-converts for who they really are, nothing short of demons from Hell! He must find this rouge programmer who created the Sanctuary App and together find a way to stop this Evil before everything he knows and loves is destroyed.