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Monster Airlines!


Fright Game!

Logline: Everybody is downloading and playing a new game on their smart phones. Sales of this new game have broken every record in the books. But there is one problem; the game has a catch, those that play will lose their souls.   Story Synopsis: Joey Bishop is just a regular, unpopular kid that you…

Time Platoon

Spooky Toys

The Devil’s Boat

The Devil’s Boat!



Vampire Love Story: Blood of the Ancients

Vampire Love Story has been assigned to Hellacious Films and is currently being adapted into a novel. The original screenplay, which actually was a 1st round pick by the PAGE AWARDS, had a few story errors that needed to be addressed. Once the novel is complete, it will be offered on Amazon as an E-Book…

SPACE LORD In Development!


Star Heap is the name of Captain Walker Merrick’s Salvage Vessel. The vessel itself is a large Surplus Inter-Galactic Bomber from the Old Galactic Wars. Merrick has his own salvage business and purchased a small planetoid many years ago and has been filling it with Military Surplus and scrap ever since. The story opens in…